Friday, 21 July 2017

Tiger Blog

  As I had taken quite a few Tiger photos the other day and probably too many to post on Facebook I have decided to do a blog for most of them.

  The Tiger is one of the most recognizable animals on the planet(except to the woman who told her kid it was a Leopard the other day) and it is inconceivable that we may be the last generation to witness them in all their glory out in the wild.With only around 3000 left it is a real possibility that they could become extinct in the wild in our lifetime.
  They are mainly vulnerable from poaching for their body parts as well as through habitat loss causing more frequent human/Tiger conflicts.

 You can help protect the 1200 Tigers left in India and their habitats by supporting the vital ground level work done by Tiger Awareness.From helping communities that live in Tiger areas, educating schools and funding the work and training of the forest guards with much needed equipment and Dogs.

  You can help by joining in my Tiger Prize Draw.Only £2 per ticket with over 10 prizes to win including Lincolnshire Wildlife Park Tickets, Signed book by BBC cameraman & Naturalist John Aitchison, Tiger Duvet Set, Wildlife dvds, Tiger clothing and more.
  Just check out the link below please :)

  Or alternatively you can donate direct to Tiger Awareness at -

  Please, please help us save these magnificent animals before the only place we can see them is in captivity.

  Thank you for reading, now I hope you enjoy the photos of the Amur Tigers :)

  Thanks again for browsing my blog :)
  Working together we can make a positive difference to the Natural World.