Thursday, 29 June 2017

30 Days Wild - The Farne Isles Montage

  Hi all, hope you are all having a great June and enjoying the #30dayswild challenges.Unfortunately my own 30 Days Wild challenge has shuddered to a halt since the 22nd due to my permanent illnesses punishing me for trying to do things lol My medications have been increased and my energy levels have gone through the floor(not that they were that great to begin with ;))
#Chemopillssuck ;)

  So to make up for the last week I am doing this single blogpost about my trip to the Farne Isles on 21st-22nd June.This may look like a long post but there will be very little writing(after this first section) and lots of photos to scroll through :)

  The first day of our planned boat crossing to Staple Island & Inner Farne didn't go to plan.The weather forecast was pretty grim (heavy rain and Thunderstorms) but the owners decided that the trip would be attempted anyway.After a very rough crossing we did actually get to Staple Island where we alighted the boat, walked up the steps and then as a loud roar of thunder screamed down at us the National Trust rangers told us to leave as the weather was getting worse.So we had about 60 seconds to take in the island lol The trip back was very wet, with heavy rain soaking everyone on the open top boat.Waterproofs were not much use lol
  The sea swell was awful and other passengers were being seasick.

Our view around Staple Island

Looking back towards Bamburgh Castle on the mainland.

  The weather cleared up in the evening so we were able to spend some time down on the beach at Beadnell, just South of Seahouses.
  Female Eiders were drumming up worms for the youngsters from the shallows as the tide came in.

  The sandy cliffs had provided the ideal home for a colony of Sand Martins.

  The next day was much better weather-wise and so we could look forward to calmer waters and visits to both Staple Island and Inner Farne :)
  The seven main bird species nesting on the islands(not counting the Gulls) are the Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Arctic Terns, Sandwich Terns, Shags and Kittiwakes.There were also Fulmars, Eiders and Mallards on the Isles.
  Here are some photographs of each species.First, most people's favourite, the Puffin.

  The Guillemots including a few Bridled Guillemots with their white eye rings.


    The bird that migrates further than any other, Arctic Terns.

  Sandwich Terns



  While on the boat we also spotted some Grey Seals.

  There you have it, a selection of photos from the 200+ I had taken while on the incredible Farne Isles.If you love birds and haven't had the chance to visit then I strongly encourage you to try and arrange a trip there.We usually travel in June to have the best chance of watching the Puffins fly in from the sea with food for their Pufflings.

  Thank you so much for wading through that rather large amount of photographs.I hope you enjoyed looking through some of them :)