Monday, 3 February 2014

An active animal day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster.

I spent another day at the park last week.It was a very cold and dull day but this helped the animals being more active, with the Painted Dogs, Amur Tigers & Lion pride all out and about.

The ring tailed lemurs show how cold it was by huddling together in a lemur ball.
 This wallaby and zebra just looked amused with everything:)
 The Painted dogs were enjoying their food and fun with the recycled Christmas tree.
The Amur tigers were also out running around with Sayan teasing Vlad into chasing her.
A tiring day with the lion pride.
                      The boys were enjoying themselves but not taking much notice of their mother.
So she soon changed that by getting their attention with a quick bite to one of the boys backsides.
As well as all the park animals , it was also a good day to spot the birds around the park.
 Mistle Thrush
                                                                 A very friendly Robin
                                             There were 3 Goldcrests along the Africa Plains
                                                  A Jay in the Forest Adventure Playground
                  Thanks for looking and make sure you go check out the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.:)

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