Friday, 25 November 2016

A Lincolnshire Rookery

  This blogpost isn't about a Rookery of the feathered kind, more the blubbery kind :)
  It's November and so already a month into one of the best wildlife events you can see on the East coast.The Lincolnshire coastline becomes a nursery for Grey Seals.Upwards of 2000 seals take over the mudflats at Donna Nook, about 25 miles North of Skegness.

  The Cows arrive to give birth while the Bulls arrive in hope of mating and having their own offspring born on these sands next Autumn.The females will suckle their pups for less than 3 weeks with their fat-rich milk before once again being ready to mate.
  Hungry pups being fed.

  There is plenty of conflict within the nursery with females getting to close too each other's pups.

  The more violent clashes seem to happen when the Bulls get a bit too confident in their pursuit of a Cow before she has weaned her pup.In this case he will abruptly be told where to go.

  It's a fantastic place to get a glimpse into the lives of these marine mammals and be able to watch the interaction between Mum and pup.
 Pup Love

 Muuumm, I don't want a kiss!

Let's play Mum, can I chew your flipper?

  The Seal numbers are just reaching their peak but some Pups will be still around til early January so still plenty of time to make a trip to the Lincolnshire coast and view this amazing wildlife spectacle.
  I will leave you with a few photos of some of the cuties there this week ;)

  Many thanks for reading.Get out there and enjoy our Wildlife :)

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