Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Back at YWT Potteric Carr

My first blogpost since returning from the Scottish Highlands and a bit delayed as it was over a week ago I was at YWT Potteric Carr near Doncaster.
I finally got chance to do it today, actually I started to post while on the train down to London but the laptop died on me so now at the hotel near Kings Cross I am attempting the post again.

So Potteric Carr reserve.
On the way to the Willow hide from the centre there were 4 Chiffchaffs singing in the birches.
The Willow feeding area was alive with the birds like this Male Reed Bunting.
Grey Squirrels fought with Pheasants for bird table supremacy.
Mallards were in breeding mode and one poor female tried desperately to avoid the males attentions.
They even managed to get into photos they weren't supposed to be in.lol
A Great Spotted Woodpecker graced us with her presence.
It was also a good day at the feeding area for Corvids.
This Magpie wanting to be in its own photo.
A colourful Jay turned up looking stunning in the sun.
This Carrion Crow landed on a nearby tree and started to call.
Numerous Long Tailed Tits flitted through the branches and up trunks.
The Kingfishers were out, first this one was seen on Mothers Drain between the usual bridges.
Then a pair on Piper Marsh with the Male bringing in fish for the Female outside the nest.
Greylag fly by on Piper Marsh.
The Coots were having their own Royal Rumble on Piper Marsh too.
As were the Canada Geese.
A quick bath was needed after all the excitement.
Mute Swan on the drain by Huxter Well.
The Black Headed Gulls were making plenty of noise on Decoy Marsh and one regurgitated food for its partner.
Another great day at this fabulous reserve where a whole day is easily passed watching the numerous birds and their behaviours.
The warmer seasons will soon make it even more interesting as Butterflies,Dragonflies,Demoiselles & Damselflies take flight.

Thanks for reading and looking at the pics.:)

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