Sunday, 16 March 2014

Scotland Journey Pt 11 - Falls Of Clyde, Peregrines & Dippers

So on to my extra and definately final day of our Scotland trip.

We decided to spend the extra day at New Lanark World Heritage Site and The Falls Of Clyde reserve.
New Lanark.(All 3 photos taken by Majella Fox)
 The first falls at New Lanark are Dundaff Linn.Here we saw a Grey Wagtail on the wall you can see at the bottom of the above photo.Also a Dipper(photos later in the blog) was seen on the right section of the river after that fork above.
Dundaff Linn.(Photo by Majella Fox)
It's a fair walk to the next waterfall over uneven ground and up steps.
Corra Linn.(Photo by Majella Fox)
The Falls Of Clyde are famous for having the fastest members of the animal kingdom on the planet breeding there.Peregrine Falcons.They can reach around 60mph on level flight but during their hunting stoop can reach up to an amazing 200mph.
When we got to the viewpoint we first noticed the male Peregrine (Tiercel) sat on the ledge opposite us.
After a look around we found the Female in a tree 30yds from the male.
We spent an hour watching them both and became sort of volunteer wardens as lots of people walking and jogging the trail asked where they were and questions about them.
One person asked "Can they fly quicker than a car?"
I wanted to respond "No, because cars can't fly";) but just mentioned the speeds they can reach.
After about 45 minutes the female flew down and past the male disappearing down river.This made the male retreat on his ledge and lay down out of the way.
Once she had been gone a few minutes he came back out and returned to his previous position.

An hour spent with these magnificent birds of prey made all my arthritic pain from the walk disappear, better than any prescribed medication.

On the way back I noticed lots of Scarlet Elf Cup fungi along the river bank.
The walk back didn't feel as bad as the one there and on return to New Lanark we checked further down river from Dundaff Linn in the shallower sections of the river and found what we were hoping for.
A Dipper.Bobbing up and down on the rocks and diving into the fast stream.
A great way to end our trip.

Total Bird list for trip -
65.Waxwings(New for 2014)(Forgot to add yesterday) 66.Grey Wagtail(New for 2014) 67.Dipper(New for 2014) 68.Peregrine Falcon

Thanks to all who have read through the 11 parts to this trip and who have browsed my photos.I very much appreciate you all for taking the time to do this.I hope you have all liked the posts and maybe found new wildlife and places to visit on your own trips.

Please continue to check out my blogposts though they will only be Weekly at best due to being back to work so limited on our days out.

Many thanks again.Take care.

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