Friday, 8 July 2016

Staying Wild:Tales From The Garden Moth Trap

  After being pretty "wild-less" for a week I finally managed to get the Moth Trap put back together after its vacation in South Wales and ready for a warm July evening with a nice cloudy forecast.
  So after the disappointment of watching Wales lose to Ronaldo I need a pick me up, so trap out, moth net at the ready for any early arrivals.
  It didn't take long before the first Moths came in.
Marbled Beauty

Small Magpie turned out to be the most numerous moth of the night with 6

  They were shortly followed by an invasion of Arches
  Dark Arches

  Light Arches

  One of the more common Moths of the garden, a Large Yellow Underwing, named after it's stunning orange/yellow hindwings.



A very worn Heart and Club

  Cabbage Moth

  Beautiful Golden Y

  Small Dusty Wave

  Green Pug

  Common Emerald

  The only Hawkmoth of the night, an Elephant Hawkmoth.

  The first Swallowtail Moths of the year :)

  Other Moths from the night were Snout, Riband Wave, Bee Moth, Small Angle Shades, Bright-Line Brown-eye, Marbled Minor, Uncertain, Common Footman and Heart and Darts.
  In total there were 58 moths of 27 species.

  Mothing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get ;)

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