Friday, 22 July 2016

Wild In The Garden - More Moth Arrivals

  I had another couple of nights with the garden Moth trap out so will share what turned up this week.I used to do Moth trapping most nights but have not being able to due to health,weather, but due to getting the trap out more regularly recently, I have once again made new friends(though not the kind you want at 5am when Moth-ing).
  Usually I will get up around half-hour after Dawn(Sunrise not a person) but now my new friends, the resident Blackbirds ensure I have to be up at first light to beat them to the Moths.They hang around the garden shed and fences picking off the Moths that decided to rest outside the trap, so now it's a battle of wits to try to find the Moths first.

  So to the Moths that survived :)
  Cinnabar Moth which is actually a day flying Moth.You may see their striking Black and Yellow caterpillars around on Ragwort.

  Common Footman

  Beautiful Hook-tip

  Gold Triangle, a new species for our garden :)


  Barred Yellow


  Flame Carpet


  Garden Tiger

  Privet Hawkmoth

  Golden Plusia

  Mother Of Pearl

  Buff Arches

 Barred Red

  Shaded Broad-bar

  Small Blood-vein

  Buff Ermines

  Scalloped Oak

 Anania Coronata

  Early Thorn

  Short Cloaked Moth

  Lozotaeniodes Formosana, a new micro moth for the garden :)

  You can see the wide variety of species that are possible to find in your own garden just by investing a few quid in a Moth Trap.Well worth every penny :)


  1. Who would know there are SO many different varieties??? I saw my first ever cinnabar moth last week :) I was blown away by the colour.

  2. Your click is superb. I also saw variety cinnabar at my home garden and took photo, That is really had amazing color. Sharing these type of picture more in your post, I own outdoor advertising providing website, waiting for your response.

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