Thursday, 6 March 2014

An Early Season Visit to RSPB Bempton Cliffs

I usually wait til April to get over to the East coast of Yorkshire and the wonder of Bempton Cliffs seabird colony.
This year though I couldn't wait that long to get my Gannet fix and with the prospect of maybe Peregrines & Short-eared owls it was too much temptation.

Hundreds of Gannets already lined the cliffs and soared with ease in the windy conditions.Some returning with nesting material.
The returning Gannets are greeted back with beak tapping reunions.
All this nesting work is tiring:)
Of course the Gannets were the stars of the show for me but there were plenty of other birds finding their own space amongst the ledges on the cliff face like this Fulmar.
Guillemots fought with each other to protect their own nesting sites.
 A quick peck on the head to let the intruder know, "This site is taken"
 Before being unceromoniously pushed back off.
 Followed by a good laugh for the victor, joined by a spectating Fulmar.
 Another of the seabirds returning for the breeding season is the Razorbill.

Meadow Pipits danced around the grassy cliff tops in search of a meal.
The noisy Tree Sparrows frequented the feeders outside the visitor centre.
A trio of Harbour Porpoise swam amongst the Guillemots drifting on the North Sea.
Herring Gulls called over the waves and cliff tops.
Unfortunately the Peregrines & Short-Eared owl avoided us today but a quick trip to Bridlington harbour for some lunch gave us the wonderful sights of 4 Turnstones.

Another trip a bit later in the year is a must as the numbers will increase even more and also see the return of the Kittiwakes & Puffins:)

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read through my latest blogpost.

Take care all and hope you all have some great wildlife experiences for yourself.:)

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