Saturday, 15 March 2014

Scotland Journey Pt 10 - Red Kites & Waxwings

So onto our planned last day, leaving our cabin in the Highlands near Roybridge and heading south to Stirling.
We made a stop in Fort William to check for otters but the tide was a bit too high and the weather was very wet and windy so we didn't stay long.The only company we got were two Cormorants and a Harbour Seal.
So back through Glencoe and into Killin where we picked up a couple of bargains from the local thrift shop:) Quickly followed by another stop in Callander for more scouring of the Charity stores but without any luck this time.

Our final stop before our hotel in Stirling was to be the Argaty Red Kite Farm near Doune.It was still very overcast with drizzle in the air but an hour or two with Red Kites is too good to pass up when we are nearby anyway.

We were however totally surprised to find our first Waxwings of the Winter there.Nine of them in a nearby bush feeding on red berries.I was actually trying to photograph a Red Kite in flight when a sharp tug on my coat nearly pulled me over as Majella got my attention to turn me around to see our most colourful Winter visitors.
This one was going to eat fresh buds....
...til he dropped it.
After spending so much time with the Waxwings we had to hurry our pace to get to the viewing hide in time for the Red Kite feeding session.
We are now in Stirling and wondering about tomorrow and our trip back south to Lincolnshire.After much thought we have decided that Day 10 won't be our last:)

Instead of going home in one go we will head down to Gretna for tomorrow evening but plan to stop in Lanarkshire & Falls Of Clyde reserve.

So sorry to make you read an extra post;) but it will definately be the last one tomorrow, honest:)

Thank you again for taking the time to read through everything and look at my photos.

Til tomorrow:)

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