Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scotland Journey Pt4 - Down A Glen & Up A Mountain

Another night and morning of heavy rain so I had a lazy morning and had my breakfast watching the cattle have theirs in the rain.
The white cow though continued to be more interested in watching me than enjoying its food.
After lunch it was time to risk the rain and head off down Glen Nevis.The road down Glen Nevis.
 We went almost to the bottom of the glen but stopped at Lower Falls.
Both above photos taken by Majella Fox.

As well as a pair of Buzzards circling the tree line there were also plenty of Hooded Crows.
More Highland cattle were free to roam the Nevis Estate.
I guess the horns are useful for the bad itch.
After an hour or two down the glen we decided to go to higher altitudes and took a trip up Aonach Mor.
There was a lot of snow at the top which had enticed numerous skiers and snowboarders to the mountain.
 Errmmm...not a skier or snowboarder ;)
The view over the snow down into Fort William and nearby Caol.
Lower down on the snow free slopes were a pair of Red Deer stags.
Finally a "selfie" of myself and my fiancee Majella up Aonach Mor as I keep stealing her photos for my blog so you should see who she is lol

Tomorrow we are heading further north to Inverness-shire and to find an American Coot which has made Loch Flemington its home for the last few weeks.

Many thanks again for reading though my blog:)

Take care.

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