Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tales From The Highlands

Day 5 - Ice Age, A Shoreline Thing

  Apologies if you were hoping for animated Mammoths, Sabretooth Tigers and Sloths but this is a different thing ;)
  It sucks when you are sick on holiday and that's exactly what happened to Majella who was up most of the night again.The alarm went off at 5am but there was little chance of us getting up with only a couple of hours sleep so our planned excursion to Mull had to be postponed(hopefully for just a day).
  I spent the morning taking a few photos of the Horses and birds outside our window.
Even Tug couldn't be bothered to get up lol

  Blue Tits and Great Tits had now joined the Chaffinches on the feeders and the flock of Meadow Pipits were ever present.
  Blue Tits

  Meadow Pipit

  We had lunch and then decided to make the short journey to Glen Roy and go see the Parallel Lines.Created by a glacial lake during the Ice Age that was a incredible 350m deep.The water drained out in three stages leaving the shoreline marks and different heights along the glen.
  Try and imagine the glen filled with water up to those lines in the hillside.

  Glen Roy

  It's amazing to think that Charles Darwin was at this very spot in 1838 trying to work out the cause of the then mysterious parallel lines.
  We left and went back to the cabin where we thought to have a "relaxing" walk along the river that runs through the farm.We followed the river upstream to Inverlair Falls.What started as a gentle stroll soon became a fight for survival ;) Okay maybe it wasn't quite that bad but it was a struggle for me.Some uneven and steep sections were hard on my knees and walking through the "Dead Marshes" didn't help lol

  Eventually we did make it to Inverlair Falls.

  The Sheep were feeling sorry for us on the walk back.

  Still no Dippers but I did spot another couple of Grey Wagtails before arriving, shattered back at the cabin.

  Thanks again for taking the time to read.Hopefully the next blog will be from Mull ;)

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