Friday, 7 April 2017

Tales From The Highlands

Day 6 - A Mull Ferry-Tale

  We finally made it over to the Isle Of Mull :) Our journey began at around 6am with a 40 minute drive down through Fort William to catch the Corran Ferry over Loch Linnhe which only takes about 5 minutes for the crossing.

  There was then the hours drive across Morven to reach Lochaline and our second ferry which would take us over to Fishnish on Mull.The drive through Morven was quiet where the only other road users were the wildlife lol

  Loch Sunart on Morven

  There were plenty of Stonechats on the fence posts and more Meadow Pipits than you could count.We arrived at Lochaline about half hour before the ferry but the time flew by as we had the privilege of watching an Otter fishing along the far shore.

  A guy turned up also waiting for the ferry and asked if we had seen anything.I told him about the Otter(which had since disappeared) and he mentioned that he had never seen a wild Otter in his life and went to sit back in his car.Luckily for him the Otter reappeared further along the loch so I went and tapped his window, pointed out the Otter and let him use our binoculars.He went away a happy guy.
  20 minutes or so on the ferry and we landed on Mull :) It was fantastic to be back again despite the weather not looking great.
 A few pics of the scenery as we drove around Mull.

  With the weather closing in more with the clouds now lower than the tops of the hills it was not looking good for Eagles.We scanned the lochs and found a trio of Red-breasted Mergansers.

 Shortly followed by a pair of Great Northern Divers, the one on the left looks to have caught a crab.

  While watching these Majella noticed a bird flying behind us, definately a Bird Of Prey but too small to be an Eagle.She gave me the binoculars and I saw straight away the ghostly silver and black wing tips of a stunning Male Hen Harrier :) It must have seen my Hen Harrier Day t-shirt and thought to reward us with a few minutes of its time.
  Further along the loch were numerous Grey Herons.

  We also saw 13 Buzzards, a Kestrel and a pair of Ravens before we got round to Tobermory.

  Derelict boats at Salen.

  It was a little before 3pm when we made it back to Fishnish, just n time for the ferry back across to Morven.

  Driving back through Morven.

  Our fourth ferry of the day, back across the loch so we can get back up to Fort William.

  So an Eagle-less day on Mull but with a Hen Harrier, Great Northern Divers, Red-breasted Mergansers, Stonechats, Ravens, Red Deer and of course an Otter it was still very much an excellent wildlife tour :)

  Our last day in the Fort William area tomorrow :( Come back to read where we went for our last day. :)

Thanks again.

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