Saturday, 8 April 2017

Tales From The Highlands

Day 7 - Some People Have No I-deer

  It was our last day around Fort William so a drive down the Road To The Isles to Mallaig was chosen for our last excursion.There wasn't a lot of traffic, the only place with any amount of people was Glenfinnan monument which we decided we would stop at on the way back.
  The first place we parked was at a view point overlooking Loch Nan Uamh, a few miles prior to Arisaig.From here we watched a Great Northern Diver and a few Seals on the rocky islands.

  By this time it was getting towards lunchtime so we headed down one of our favourite roads to have our picnic.As you enter Arisaig from the South there is a road sign that says Rhu 3.5 miles.It takes you in and out of bays til you reach where it ends at a private estate but you can park up and look over to the isles of Rum and Eigg.We had no company except for a few displaying Red-breasted Mergansers in the bay.

  On the way back we met a road block.

  We stopped at another small inlet to watch Grey Herons, Hooded Crows, Gulls and Curlews.
  Me photographing Curlews.

  Curlew, Herring Gull & Hooded Crow.

  Finally I managed to get a photograph of a Buzzard.This was the 26th Buzzard of the trip so far but the first I photographed :)

  If you park in the main car park on the outskirts of Mallaig you can check out the islands for more birds.They were full of Gulls, Cormorants and Shags.

  There wasn't much in the harbour except for a guy doing his best to annoy the Gulls by flying his drone through them.We left Mallaig and headed home but first stopped at Glenfinnan.
  The church at Glenfinnan.

  The Glenfinnan Viaduct used in the Harry Potter movies as the train travels to Hogwarts.We have only ever been across it by steam train once, a long time ago.

  Glenfinnan monument at Loch Shiel.

  Now for the ranty bit.We noticed a couple of Red Deer stags by the river and were taking photos from the bridge.As you can see you could get pretty good close ups from where we were.

  Unfortunately some people decided this wasn't good enough and went down to the river to get as close as possible.I am all for getting close and interacting with Nature but not at the risk of the welfare of the wildlife.If the stag had decided to charge they would have had no chance.Luckily he ignored them for the idiots they were.These people need to have a bit more respect for wildlife.

  More wildlife and new bird sightings to come tomorrow :)

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