Tuesday, 21 June 2016

30 Days Wild: Day 20 - Bee-autiful


  For day 20 the idea was to spend the dull morning wandering around the shops in Milford Haven & Haverfordwest and then when the expected sunshine came head over to Strumble Head on the Pembrokeshire coast to look for Choughs.
  This is exactly what we did, minus the Choughs :( I was going to call this post "Not Choughed just to see a few Seals" but something happened later to make it a good day.
  It's always good to visit Strumble Head as it's one of my favourite places in Pembrokeshire.So this was the first time we had been and not seen a Chough.The birds we did see were Oystercatchers, Whitethroats, a Whinchat, Black-backed Gulls and Crows.
  Strumble Head and lighthouse

  Grey seals were in the bay.

  Watching seals and admiring the stunning scenery.

When we left the coast we headed back to Pembroke but instead of going home we decided to pop into Manor Wildlife Park for an hour.It is a small park near to Tenby and the main reason we went in was to see the 3 White Rhinos.

  While watching the Rhinos, Majella said she had seen something in a tree nearby.On closer inspection it turned out to be a swarm of Honey Bees.From a distance it looked like a Horse's head hanging from the tree.We watched it for a while as Bees arrived from their missions, landed on the outside of the swarm and proceeded to do the "Waggle Dance" It was a fantastic thing to watch as they dance to communicate to the rest of the swarm the directions of the food source they have found on their travels.

  After helping round up an escaped Rhino(that's why there were only 2 in the photos above ;)) it was time for home to watch England draw 0-0 against Slovakia and Wales beat Russia 3-0 and top the group above England lol

  Only 10 more days to put up with my daily blogs but please keep checking in and reading through them 
Thank you :) 

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