Monday, 13 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 12 - Bug Hunting Our Local Patch


  Wow, already at Day 12 of my #30DaysWild Blog and only the next 5 will be done in my local area in Lincolnshire, the following 9 days will be in South Wales :)
  So, after a good pub lunch we headed for our local nature reserve Messingham Sand Quarry.
  To say it was a dull day was a bit of an understatement but it was very muggy so insects were still very active.

  There were a few Moths on the wing with these beautifully marked Yellowshell(photo by Majella Fox), a Common Carpet and the colourful Cinnabar Moth.  

  Scorpion Flies were everywhere and closer examination of the vegetation also revealed......

  Long-Jawed Orb Weaver Spider

  Garden Chafer Beetle

  Green Sawfly

  Majella had to take her obligatory photo of me photographing something lol

  I was photographing this Damselfly(I think a female Common Blue but if anyone knows better please correct me:)).I wondered why its head looked slightly larger then on getting closer realised it was feeding on a Caddis Fly.

    I also spotted this stunning Queen Wasp resting in the Hawthorn.

  We even found things that eat the bugs ;) Quite a lot of juvenile Common Frogs hopping around so you had to watch where you put your feet to avoid standing on any.

Just a few of the large array of wildflowers around the reserve.
  Yellow Flag Iris

  Ox-eye Daisy


  Marsh Orchid, not sure if its Northern, Southern or a Hybrid.Any ideas anyone?

  So there you have it, a few of the things we see around on local reserve.It is also a great place for birds too, Common Terns, Hobbys, Treecreepers, Blackcaps and Waterfowl all present if you listen and look hard enough.
  I am a football fan but getting outdoors and experiencing Nature is much more relaxing than screaming at the tv, so try it yourself ;)


  1. More superb photos! Love the little frog.

  2. Thank you Zinzi :) There were loads of them.