Tuesday, 14 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 13 - Sketches Flashback

  Well Day 13 turned out to be an unlucky day after all.Just work and then a trip to the emergency dental centre meant I didn't get to do anything wild except maybe scream like a Fox ;)

  Therefore I had to think of something "wild" that I could share and came up with showing a few of my old sketches that I used to do.A combination of lack of time and arthritis in my fingers has meant I don't try doing sketches anymore.The last one I did was this Great White Shark last Christmas for Majella's nephew as he is interested in Marine Biology and so now has that drawing framed on his wall, near to the Whales book I got signed for him by Mark Cawardine.

  A few more of my older sketches.

Brown Pelican

Giant Panda

These last two both took a while longer.This sketch of Waxwings was taken from one of my own photos after we had seen hundreds together on the Isle Of Skye.

  This last one I started as I wanted to do a sort of collage of wildlife from the place I want to visit most, Alaska. I am yet to get out of the UK at all to see other wildlife but still have hope that I will one day.

  If anyone has days when they cannot get out then maybe you too can try and do a wildlife sketch :) If you do then please feel free to post in the comments below to share the link to your artwork :)

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