Wednesday, 15 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 14 - Photographic Memories

  Well unfortunately another day of not doing anything really wild so I had a browse back through some of the thousands of photographs I have taken and picked a few of my favourites.
  So in no particular order here are 12 of my, probably not best but ones that evoke a strong memory of connecting with the Natural World.
1. This is Bolt of the UK's only wild Reindeer herd in the Cairngorms.I managed to get this pic before he "tongued" my camera.

2.A Puffin bringing back Sand Eels for its Puffling on Farne Isles.

3.The greatest bird traveller, the Arctic Tern on Farne Isles.If you go wear a hat ;)

4.It was amazing getting so close to these Great Skuas (Bonxies) at Hermaness in Shetland.

5.My local Barn Owl at Sunset, this one was actually used by the RSPB :)

6.Blue Tits feeding their young in a garden in South Wales.

7.The stunning Marsh Fritillary Butterfly found in a meadow at Chambers Farm Wood, Lincs.

8.Not a great photo but as a fan of Raptors this is the only Red-footed Falcon I have ever seen.

9.I was just leaving RSPB Blacktoft Sands when I heard the calls of Pink-footed Geese and managed to get this pic as they passed the Moon.

10.Amur Tiger looking like she was trying to catch Snowflakes ;)

11.My favourite macro shot, a dew covered Ladybird.

12.Another Shetland photo taken on a trip to Fetlar in hope of seeing Red-necked Phalaropes but was happy enough with great views of some Dunlin.

  Hope you like the photos even though my Day 14 is a bit of a cheat lol Please stay with us though as we leave for Wales on Saturday for Choughs, Badgers, Puffins, Gannets, Red Kites and hopefully more and even before that we get to see the legend himself, Sir David Attenborough on Friday :)

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