Thursday, 16 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 15 - Best Thunderstorm Of The Year

  Well we have made it to the half way point of the #30DaysWild challenge on my blog.It has maybe stuttered through over the last few days due to work and illness but lots of more interesting things to come(maybe just not today;))
  Yesterday the black clouds descended on North Lincolnshire along with sheet and fork lightning in what was the best Thunderstorm I have seen so far this year, so naturally I went outside with the camera.
  The beginning

  The downpour begins.

  The heavy rain then turned to hail and sheet lightning became fork lightning with Thunder growing ever louder.I did try to capture the lightning but failed miserably lol

  The garden was becoming a bit wet but it gave me hope of maybe getting new species on my garden list such as Mallard or Grey Heron ;)

  A look out the front of the house wasn't much better and the road had soon become a river, with the water level now high enough to come over the path and straight down to our front door.

  Luckily after the storm had passed the water level subsided pretty quickly but not before running into next doors shop.On the upside every time a vehicle drove past the house we did get our bay window washed for free ;)

  I love Thunderstorms so it was great to be out watching one though I was sort of disappointed no funnel clouds formed as I have only ever seen one before which had my partner shouting at me to get in the car as I tried to capture it with my phone.

  If you can, when a storm arises near you just take the time to go out and appreciate what Nature can do in giving the Earth a much needed wash.

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