Thursday, 2 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 2 - Robins Amongst The Pigeons

 Day 2, June 2nd and it feels like Autumn.Overcast, drizzle and a strong breeze making it feel like we have missed a whole Season out.Today was a day to clean the garden feeders, bird baths and fill them all up again.I then spent an hour in the garden to see which of my regular visitors would turn up today.
 Not surprisingly the first to arrive were the trouble makers, the feral pigeons that roost on a neighbouring roof.Always scaring the Tits & Finches off the feeders, though only 8 appeared today rather than the usual 20 odd.

One of my favourite garden birds surveyed the area before coming down to claim the peanuts and suet pellets.

  A couple of Starlings, maybe the ones nesting under our roof tiles were next along with a male Blackbird.

  A chirping sound from the Lilac tree announced the arrival of a small flock of House Sparrows, 5 in total, 3 males & 2 females.
Male House Sparrow

  2 Robins in the garden together, 1 collecting suet pellets while the other fed, hanging on the sunflower heart feeder.

  What I was waiting for finally arrived in a splash of colour.We usually have a flock of around 10-20 of these come into the garden but today I was just graced with the presence of the one Goldfinch.

 The territorial pair of Collared Doves were the last to arrive, they seem to chase everything away from the feeders whether its a Jackdaw or Pigeon.

  I also saw a couple of Swifts over the garden and a Dunnock mopping up the remaining mealworms left by the Starlings and Blackbird thus ending an enjoyable hour in my garden.

  Tomorrow should be a bit more exciting as I hope to be out looking for stunning Marsh Harriers :)
  Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow ;)