Monday, 27 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 26 - A Walk Along The River Wye


  It was our second day in Rhayader and despite the heavy rain it didn't dampen our spirits(too much) and so we left the farm to walk along the River Wye into Rhayader to get a pub meal.It is a gorgeous walk along the river surrounded by trees and bird song and I hoped to spot 3 species of bird.

  We had not been at the riverside for more than a couple of minutes before we saw a bounce of white under some dark foliage on the opposite bank.It was of course one of my favourite birds, the Dipper.1 of 3 :)
Not a great photo as couldn't get any closer without going wading ;)
Spot the Dipper

  After watching it search for larvae under the surface for a few minutes we continued on.A flash of brilliant blue announced the arrival and departure of the Kingfisher.Species 2 of 3 :) It sped past low over the river of nothing short of Mach 4 so no chance of any photos.
  Seconds later movement was spotted on the pebbles opposite us and Species 3 of 3 was sighted.Another stunning bird, the Grey Wagtail.

  So I was very happy to get 3 out of 3 for the species I wanted to find but I didn't expect to get a fourth.Two birds flying from a branch looked to be catching flies and then returning further into the tree.We managed to edge closer and watched as the 2 Spotted Flycatchers danced in the air plucking flies in flight.

   A fantastic end to our walk into Rhayader and it was followed by great food at the Crown Inn, the beer wasn't bad too :)

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