Thursday, 23 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 22 - Peregrines At The Bridge


  On Day 22 we had a few hours at the South coast of Pembrokeshire known as Green Bridge.Following tips and extra info on the area from fellow 30 Days Wild blogger Sandra Evans(catch up with her blog on the link below) and my friend and host John.

  We had planned to go earlier but had to wait for the Military to let us in.It's a place where you have to call the visitor centre in Pembroke or the firing range to find out if it is open and safe to drive through the area without having your car blasted off the road by a Tank shell ;) We were told we would be safe from 4.30pm so off we went.It seemed quiet enough despite the presence of the Army personnel with M16 rifles.

 The site is called Green Bridge due to the natural limestone arch on the coast.

  The rest of this coastline isn't bad either ;)

  As you might be able to make out on the photo above there were thousands of seabirds, mainly Guillemots with a few Razorbills and the odd Puffin doing a fly by.

  There were quite a few Butterflies on the wing with Small Heath, Painted Lady & a few Dark Green Fritillarys(pic below)

  In the distance something caught my eye and immediately I knew it was a Raptor.

  We hurried in that direction to hopefully get closer views and were treated with a fantastic display as a Male Peregrine circled us calling while his offspring was having his maiden flight from the nest. I told Majella I thought that was what was happening and fortunately we bumped into the monitor who was checking up on them and she confirmed I was correct(for a change).

  Back at base I also trapped some new Moths in the garden.
Yellow Barred

Lilac Beauty (my 1st ever)

Lobster Moth

Green Silver-lines

Marbled White Spot

 Add to this a Fox turning up on my trail cam in the garden and all the work John has done is paying off as his own personal Nature Reserve is producing amazing wildlife :)

  Tune in to Day 23 for Puffins on Skomer.

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