Tuesday, 7 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 7 - An Evening Walk Down The Lane


  I didn't think I would get anything much "wild" done today as I have been in quite a lot of pain so ended up being indoors most of the day :( I did however manage to catch up on some entertaining reading "My Garden And Other Animals" by Mike Dilger, a great read.

  Lots of painkillers later and with the temperature becoming more bearable I decided I would go for an evening walk out the village so set off around 7.45pm.
The view from the edge of our village in North Lincolnshire.

  I walk down the road before going into the field til I get to the far tree line, then cross a road and follow the lane down to the River Ancholme.It was great to see the dog walkers field had only been cut back enough to allow a track with the rest left to grow wild.

  There were still dog walkers around with their dogs off the lead but the songs of Chaffinches and Dunnocks filled the air and a Buzzard glided over the meadow.
  When I got down the lane it was busy :( People were cycling, jogging or just walking their dogs.I stopped at the entrance to one of the fields where I usually see Hares and spotted 2 before they were disturbed by the noisy cyclists.

  The next field still had crops in it so was more difficult to pick any wildlife out but this is the place where I did my first wildlife film, filming a Barn Owl quartering the field.

  My Barn Owl film from 7 years ago.

  Rooks, Jackdaws, Wood Pigeons were numerous but I also saw 4 Lapwings, a Red-legged Partridge and a couple of these stunning Yellowhammers.

  The long grasses at the field's edge held a large number of Silver Ground Carpet Moths as well as a few Straw Dots.
Silver Ground Carpet

  This horse seemed to be curious as to what I was up to at the edge of its paddock.

    About an hour into my walk and Majella had driven down in the car so I actually made it the whole way to the river.This is the River Ancholme, the path on the right is actually part of the sponsored walk I will be doing in July for Tiger Awareness.Its just another 7 miles up that river to get to the midway point and pub and I'm starting 3 miles from the other direction lol ;)

  On the way back home another Hare had come out of the field and onto the roads edge.

  A few minutes later I was back home and getting out of the car to the sound of screaming Swifts over the garden, quickly followed by a cold beer ;) 


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