Saturday, 25 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 24 - Life After Dusk


  I didn't do much during today as had to start packing things away as it was our last day in Pembrokeshire but we did pop to Tenby for lunch and a quick walk along the beach.

  The main action of Day 24 happened after dark.The Moth trap and the trail camera were both set up.
A few more new moths for the week.
Brown China Mark

Gold Swift


  Checking the SD card from my trail camera it was found to contain 38 film files, all between 11.50pm and 1.20am so I knew it wasn't just the Magpies eating the food in the morning.
  The young Fox had reappeared in the garden after spotting him in daylight the day before.

A Badger was also filmed numerous times sweeping up the peanuts and jam.

I think my Badger Spy Cam got rumbled ;)

  A great end to a fantastic week in Pembrokeshire and I have to say a massive Thank You to John and Carol for allowing us to shine a bright Moth Trap in their garden and leave food on the lawn for the Badgers which I know dig up his garden lol.

  Up to Gigrin Farm, Rhayader next and the Red Kites :)

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