Sunday, 5 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 5 - What You Can Do For Wildlife


  A quick blog to catch up ;)
  If you cannot get out to do something "wild" then why not do something, to help something "wild"? A lot of our wildlife both in the UK and globally is in severe decline from either poaching, habitat destruction for palm oil or urban developments or illegal persecution such as Hen Harriers on our UK uplands and it needs your help.
  It is easy to do and can be done without having to leave the house.Get online and register to support your local Wildlife Trust, RSPB, WWT, Butterfly Conservation, Birders Against Wildlife Crime, Tiger Awareness, Birdlife International and many more that need your donations to help fund their important projects to protect and save wildlife.

  Pick something you are passionate about and try to do some fundraising for them to help fund their important projects to protect and save wildlife.
  Do a yard sale or carboot and sell your unwanted items, a sponsored walk or maybe get people to sponsor you for each "wild" activity you do throughout June and beyond.
  Today we did a carboot to add funds to our target towards our Walk4Wildlife event in July in aid of Tiger Awareness.

  I have also had an online auction running for a couple of my Tiger pictures.The one below sold for £10 :)

  There is still time to register with a walk before September or suggest one in your own area and help raise money for a number of important animal welfare charities such as Tiger Awareness, Lion Aid, Save The Rhinos, Cheetah Conservation Fund & David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
  If you are passionate about our Natural World and saving our declining wildlife then please do something to help.Every little thing you do can make a big difference to the survival of wildlife around the world.

Sites to check out:!join-a-walk/c1k5m

Thank you for reading :)

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