Wednesday, 29 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 29 - Tigers at 100


  Before we get on to Day 29 I would just like to say that this is my 100th blog post with more than half been posted during 30 Days Wild 2015 & 2016 so I just want to say a massive Thank You to everyone who is one of the 8760 views and has taken the time to read through any of my blog posts and look at my photos since I began my wildlife blog. :)

  As you can see from the pic above today was a slightly wet day but even with the pouring rain we wanted to get out and spend some time with the Big Cats and maybe a Bear or two so off we set for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.We have been annual members since just after its opening and it has changed a lot from a park with a few old wooden aviaries containing Squirrels and then the rescue of the Lion pride from Europe.It is now one of the best managed Wildlife parks in the UK that also does a lot for conservation through the Yorkshire Wildlife Foundation.

  Of course we would all prefer to see wild animals like Amur Tigers, Leopards & Lions in the wild but due to the destructive nature of the Human Race their populations continue to decline.

  Anyway back to the Park :) I always looks for birds(wild ones) when wandering around and am at 42 species so far seen at the Park.Today though due to the heavy rain I didn't see much bar a few Jackdaws, Swallows, Mallards, Mute Swans and Pied Wagtails.
  Pied Wagtail with food.

  One of the recent additions to the park are a pair of Giant Otters, though today and not for the first time, a person next to us watching them said they were Seals lol.I thought the large sign next to them saying "Giant Otters" might've given it away.

    The majority of the Lion pride were not too impressed with the weather and prefered to stay snug in their shelter and catch a nap.

but the mischievous Brothers were out keeping an eye on things.

  A quick shake to disperse some of the excess rain water.

  Three of the four Polar Bears now at the park were slowly following each other between the large enclosures.

  The main reason of our visit though was to see the Amur Tigers.Vladimir, the two girls, Sayan and Tschuna and the three very grown up cubs.Vladimir , we have known nearly all his life as we first saw him at a few weeks old in Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore before he was transferred to Yorkshire. They are part of the European Breeding Program as there are thought to be less than 500 Amur Tigers left in the wild.
   Vladimir getting some love.....
 ...though I don't think he was too impressed with getting a love bite lol

  More pics of the Amur Tigers.

  These are just stunning animals and need our help.You can help too :) There are a few Tiger charities that work to protect Tigers and their habitats in areas such as India, Sumatra and Russia.
 We are walking to raise money to help Tigers in India through projects done by Tiger Awareness, just 3 weeks til our walk so still time if you would like to donate and help protect these iconic animals and their habitats and help reduce Tiger-Human conflicts.
  Your help will be very much appreciated :)

  So that's it, blog 100 done with just one day of 30 Days Wild to go. Let's keep it going beyond June and see if we can help more people become aware of the beauty to be found in our Natural World and motivate them to help protect it :)

  Thanks again for reading and I hope you are still here for blog number 200 ;)


  1. Congratulations! I'm a late comer to your blog and I'm working backwards... but I'm learning already :) Thanks

  2. I love watching the wildlife at the zoo too :) The way the sparrows pop in and out with the Tigers is amazing :)
    I absolutely adore Polar bears, Chester Zoo used to have one called sabrina, she was a sad lonely old bear who just swam round and round in the same pattern. i was sad, but also so glad when she passed away and they decided not to keep any more in captivity.