Wednesday, 22 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 21 - Birds & Beach Cleans

  After a morning of watching the usual suspects in the garden we decided to head for the beach.So a half hour drive across Pembrokeshire to the West coast near Castlemartin.
  The beach was not exactly crowded :)

  We walked a trail along the dunes to begin with and found lots of Linnets & Stonechats.
Male Linnet

  Male Stonechat

  Along the trail we also had great views of this Buzzard using the wind to hover over the hills.

  Back on to the beach and there were lots of washed up Jellyfish around.

  Rock pools

  Of course there is no point going to a beach if you are not going to take a bag with you and help pick a few items of rubbish up and take them away.Just think each bit of plastic or rope you pick up could be saving a Gannet or a Seal for example.Get the kids to do it when you take them to the beach, give them a bag each and say whoever collects most gets an ice cream ;) (then buy them one each anyway) Do the 2 Minute Beach Clean and help wildlife.
  My 2 minute beach clean turned into about 10 minutes as it takes me longer than most people to get back up after bending down to pick something up lol but most the things we collected were plastic bottles (some very recently discarded, one was an Irish milk bottle(out of date 2008) and has been washed across the Sea.The rest were odd bits of plastic, a toilet seat and lots of rope, most likely discarded by fishermen out at sea :(

  It doesn't take long to remove this amount of plastic and rubbish from a beach, do it and help save our Wildlife :)

Thanks for reading :) get out there, enjoy yourself but help our wildlife too.

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  1. Great job on the beach clean! Lovely photos too.