Sunday, 19 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 18 - A Wildlife Welcoming To Pembrokeshire

  Day 18 was mainly taken up by the long journey south to Pembrokeshire, South Wales.It took us around 8 hours including  3 breaks to get here.We arrived in gorgeous sunshine and I quickly started to do the important things first like rebuild my Moth trap and check my trail cam.
  John's house is a haven for wildlife, surrounded by fields and woodland with a highly active array of feeders that can be viewed from the sofa.It is in fact impossible to do anything on the pc or watch tv without closing the curtains first as its just one distraction after another with numerous birds and mammals entertaining you through the window.
  Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows, Robins, Dunnocks, Chaffinches and Magpies were all visitors to the garden within the couple of hours after our arrival and all had young tagging along.Another flash of black and white sounded the arrival of not another Magpie but this stunning Great Spotted Woodpecker.

A family dispute between Mr & Mrs Chaffinch

  Blue Tits

  Juvenile Robin

  Willow Tit, something I have never seen on a garden feeder before.

  They can be a nuisance for a lot of people but the most fun was watching 4 Grey Squirrels including a younger one finding the best way to destroy the Squirrel-proof defences.

  Not squirrel-proof anymore lol

  This youngster thought it could camouflage itself against the wooden post and not be seen.

Squirrel Globe of Death, 2 running in circles after each other inside and outside the cage.

  With 51 species of Moth(check in tomorrow for details) trapped on the first night too it looks like been an exciting week, just in the garden.No Badgers on the trail cam on the first night but there is activity nearby so hopefully I will get some footage during the next few days.

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