Monday, 20 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 19 - Moth Invasion!!

  Day 19 in Pembrokeshire was a very wet day, rain all day and quite blustery.Luckily though I had set the Moth trap up the night before so despite the wet weather I got up just before 5am and went to check the trap.
  There were moths everywhere, on the walls, on the shed, in the grass and the trap was filled with them :) Rain doesn't always ruin a moth night and can sometimes be quite helpful, its the wind which usually makes things a bit moth-less.
  I counted and photographed 51 species(don't worry I won't post them all ;)) but there were hundreds more I couldn't pot as I ran out of pots long before Moths.So here are some of the best from yesterday.
  Ghost Moth (female)

  Small Fanfoot 

  Buff Arches 
Peach Blossom 

  Purple Clay 

  Scallop Shell 

  Beautiful Golden Y

  Buff Tip

  Burnished Brass 

  Grey Arches

  Barred Straw

  Clouded Silver

  Beautiful Carpet 

  Knot Grass

  Peppered Moths

  Drinker Moth

   Brussels Lace


  Light Emerald

  Pebble Prominent 


  Grey Dagger

  Elephant Hawkmoths 

  Poplar Hawkmoth

  That is just half of the species that came to light yesterday, many of them probably feed around your garden during the night, we just don't see them like we do Butterflies and we definitely don't appreciate them as much.If anyone ever says Moths are dull just show them a couple of my photos to prove them wrong ;)


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