Sunday, 5 June 2016

30 Days Wild:Day 4 - Moths In the Garden

  Day 4 meant getting up at 5.30am to empty the garden Moth trap.It is always an exciting time as you never know what you're going to get, a bit like a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump said and indeed I did get one in the form of this stunning Chocolate Tip moth(non-edible) ;)

  The massive influx from France of Diamond-back Moths had not missed our area as I found over 30 in the trap.

  One of my favourite moths was hiding among the egg trays, the Peach Blossom.

  The furry front end of the Pale Tussock.

  A few more moths from the trap.
Scalloped Hazel

  Flame Shoulder

Treble Lines

Bee Moth


Clouded Bordered Brindle

Phtheochroa Rugosana

  I also had Shears, Dark Barred twin-spot, Garden carpet, Scalloped Hook Tip, Cream Wave, Bright Line Brown Eye  and a lot of Light Brown Apple Moths.

  It's also that time of year you get non-mothy wildlife in the trap and one of the regular visitors are the Garden Cockchafers.

  If you do not have your own moth trap yet but want one you can buy them from quite a few online places.
I got mine from Paul at

  If you cannot afford one at the moment then you can just try with an outside light directed at a white bed sheet hung out or try sugaring with a syrup, brown sugar, wine and beer mixture.The extra wine comes in handy while waiting for the moths to arrive ;)

  It is well worth it to see what moth species you have in your garden.I have recorded nearly 200 so far in my garden in North Lincolnshire.

There will be more Moths later in the month as I will be taking my trap down to Pembrokeshire and also running at Gigrin Red Kite Station :)

  Thanks again for browsing my photos and reading through the blogs :) 


  1. Awesome blog Stuart, how beautiful is the peach blossom moth! I may take your above with the some and beer and do a moth night tomorrow :)

    1. Thank you Sandra.Just soak anything in it and hang it in the garden somewhere :) Good luck