Tuesday, 2 June 2015

30 Days Wild: Day 2 - Happy Ducks

Here is Day 2 of my 30 Days Wild Challenge:)

   I had less time today due to having a full days work but luckily this was in Barton-Upon-Humber on the shore of the River Humber.This gave me the chance to have my lunch break at Water's Edge Visitor Centre.
   After stepping over the moving feathered obstacles trying to get in the automatic doors of the centre, I had a relaxing coffee.I then decided to pay the 50p for a bag of seed at reception seeing as there were Mallard faces pressed against the glass in hope.;)
   Feeding Ducks is probably the first interaction with wildlife most of us had as children and something we can share and enjoy forever.
   It turned out to be worth far more than 50p to have 40+ quacking, happy wildfowl pushing to take food from my hand.
(Photos by Majella Fox)

 Mallard Photobomb :)

   Another couple(people not Ducks) turned up with a bread loaf but noticed the sign asking not to feed bread to the Ducks, only seed.We have all done it but bread in excessive amounts can cause health problems for wildfowl.Wet bread can contain moulds like Aspergillus which can affect their lungs and kill them.They walked inside and returned with a bag of seed, much to the delight of the feathered hordes:)
  A quick 10 minute walk along the pond gave me an opportunity to photograph more birds.
Male Tufted Duck
 Greylag Geese

Mute Swan

   I would've loved to have stayed longer but had to get back to work:( Not everyone has the luxury of being able to have a lunch break at a lake but why not take a bag of seed wherever you work and pop outside to feed the Robins, Blackbirds or Sparrows that might reside nearby.
   I was thinking that feeding Ducks wasn't going to make a great blog so when I got home I spent a few minutes in the garden trying to find something else.In my broken Lilac Tree I found a yellow and black ball......Spiderlings :) so took a few quick photos to end the blog with so don't look if you're Arachnophobic;).

   I have no idea what Day 3 will bring, but it should be fun finding out.


  1. I'm glad the couple went back and got the seed, too many people still feed ducks bread.....

    Lovely photos, of the spiderlings particularly, something I love to see.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Juliet :)

  2. I love the pictures of the spiderlings - don't mind spiders outside, just prefer them not to try to share my bedroom with me.

    I have childhood memories of feeding the ducks too, of course - would love to have seen them all happily stuffing seed.