Wednesday, 17 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 17 - From Batcave To Showcaves.

  Just started my trying to type my blog and had to stop as the Badger from last night is feeding in the garden again:) A quick clip of him feeding last night.

  Okay, back to the blog:) I knew the weather was going to be wet today but still decided to do a walk to a waterfall, that's what waterproofs are for.The rain can make things look beautiful if you look close enough.

  This Songthrush bounced through the rain soaked grass and Buttercups.

  The walk down a hill and to the river rewarded us with sightings of Grey Wagtails, a Dipper and a Pied Flycatcher.

  The waterfall itself, Henryhd Falls was spectacular.It was used in the Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises as the entrance to the Bat Cave which had prompted a pilgrimage from fans, some dressed as the Caped Crusader.I decided to keep to my usual attire:)
  Photos by Majella Fox.

    After struggling with the steep walk back I headed for more underground fun at the Wales Showcaves.For one price you get to walk in 3 caves, see some Dinosaurs and pet some animals(not the Dinosaurs) ;)

    The caves are mesmerising natural wonders and well worth a visit.


   Proof that you can still get out and see what the Natural World has to offer even if it is a rainy day.

  Thanks once again to everyone who has taken the time to read through any of my blogs so far.It is very much appreciated:)

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