Tuesday, 16 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 16 - A Garden Full Of Elephants

  Day 16 of #30DaysWild
  What I did tonight can be done by anybody in their own garden.I usually do but when ever I go on holiday I always try to take my Moth trap along with me.Before getting my moth trap I just used to have our back security light on(much to the annoyance of my mother) shining on to a white sheet I had hung up on the porch.Once you have had a Swallowtail Moth land on your sheet you want to do it every night.
  As people who have been reading my blog know I am currently in Pembrokeshire, Wales but have brought my trap with me and have already had near to 40 species in the trap.
  The moths most people like to see du to their size are the Hawk Moths.
Privet Hawk Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth (There were 5 of these in the trap)
  I could post all 35 photos I took of the different species but will just add a few to show what an amazing range of sizes and colours Moths come in.Not all are boring and grey and eat your clothes.
  There are around 2,500 species of Moth in the UK and here are just a few that I had in the trap.
Cinnabar.Actually a Day flying moth

Light Emerald

Herald Moth

Sharp angled Peacock.Not a great photo but this was a first for me:)

Beautiful Golden Y

Buff Tip

Green Silver Lines


  Most of these moths could be found in your own garden, all you need is a white sheet and a light to have a chance of seeing some of our nocturnal winged wonders.

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