Monday, 8 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 8 - The Marsh Harrier Experience

Day 8 of #30dayswild coming up.

  I finished work at 3pm and on a normal day would've probably just gone home and sat in from of the Tv.By signing up to do #30DaysWild and blog about it, it has made me want to get out each day to enjoy more wildlife and more fresh air.
  Hopefully (if there are anyone still reading my blogs) other people will be inspired to try and do the same:)So instead of "Flog It" on tv I spent an hour watching the world (well a bit of Yorkshire) through a hide window at RSPB Blacktoft Sands which is my nearest RSPB reserve.I was hoping to catch up with the Marsh Harriers.
  On the walk in a Reed Warbler called from the reed bed and then climbed up to get a good view of us.

Blue Tits were in and out of their nest box with green caterpillars for their offspring.

On the lagoon I had the pleasure of having the Black Headed Gull choir to keep me awake as I waited for any Raptors.

  A Little Egret flew by and a Little Grebe popped up in front of the hide with a juicy larvae.

  Then out of the reeds on the far side of the lagoon I saw what I had been waiting for, a stunning male Marsh Harrier.Smaller than the Female and without the cream coloured head but gorgeous and so exciting to see nonetheless.I was able to watch him for nearly 20 minutes as he hung in the wind over the reed beds in between suffering abuse from his noisy neighbours.

So Flog It or Marsh Harriers? not much of a competition:) The tv can wait, get out there and see our amazing wildlife while you still can.

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