Thursday, 4 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 4 - A Walk Down My Lane

Day 4 of #30DaysWild

   A bit late posting my Day 4 blog as worked all day and only had chance to get out this evening.Instead of spending the evening stuck in watching TV (sorry Springwatch ;), will watch you later) I decided to have a walk up our lane out of the village.
   The fields have grown a bit over the last few weeks so harder to find wildlife in them.

I noticed movement in the adjacent field and hoped it was a Hare, but it turned out to be this couple of Rabbits.

   A bit further up the lane and I found a distressing sight.Three Corvids strung up in a farmer's garden.Unfortunately this is actually legal under the General License if the farmer is protecting his crops or livestock.If anyone finds things like this and are unsure if it is legal or not please call 101 and contact your local Wildlife Crime Officer or WildlifeCrimeAware for advice:)

   Not long after and my heart was racing for a better reason.I had seen a Brown Hare moving slowly towards me in the field.I knew he hadn't seen me yet so I knelt down in the long grass and waited for him.He came within 10 feet of me:) I was sure that he could hear my heart beating so fast and trying to escape from my chest.I held my breath as he had a wash then turned and went on his way.I waited for him to move on then got to my feet with a feeling of elation of a fantastic experience with a wild Hare.

 Seconds later I heard a call and looked skywards to see a Buzzard circling the field.

   I was still dancing through the field with joy when my fiancee arrived to give me a lift back.First though we headed a bit further down the lane to the bridge for a last look for a Barn Owl.
  Me searching for Barn Owls on the River Ancholme.(photo by Majella Fox)

   No Barn Owls tonight but I did see this Pied Wagtail on the bridge.

  I then spotted a small bird moving in the nettles on the far bank of the river.As I moved closer I realised it was a Whitethroat, and it was bringing in caterpillars for young that must be in the nest safely among the nettles.

  I even got to watch the sun starting to set as I headed back home.

All this wildlife for just taking a 90 minute walk from my door.Instead of watching repeats on TV go outside and find our wonderful wildlife for yourself.
Roll on Day 5 :)

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