Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 9 - A Prickly Evening

Day 9 of my #30DaysWild blog

  Not a lot of time to do anything today so I was going to go for another walk down our lane then decided I had been crawling around the fields with Hares this week already.So my partner says "Why don't you sort out your Cacti?"
  So off I went down the garden and into the Summer house.What had started as small cuttings had now grown pretty much to their limit in their current pots.

A couple of them had started to flower over the last few days.

  I had a few larger pots so proceeded to replant a few of them.(Note to self or anyone who wants to do this, wear gloves when replanting cacti;)) lol

  This is something everyone can do as they are very cheap to buy and easy to look after and with so many different species you can keep.
   Apologies for the short blog today but now going to put the Moth trap out:)

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