Saturday, 20 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 20 - How to relieve your Boar-dom

  Two thirds of the way through the challenge and I am on my way home from the week in Pembrokeshire but am currently sat in a room above a pub in the Forest Of Dean.I contacted one of my online friends who lives in the area and he very kindly agreed to show me around the amazing forest of his local patch.
  A window into The Forest of Dean.
  It was a beautiful evening and we were learning lots about the area and its wildlife.The main aim was to get a sight of the magnificent Wild Boar that reside here.
  Various birds filled the evening with their song and we saw Great Tits, Blackbirds, Jays this juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker

  Fallow Deer had already crossed our path on one trail but this time we saw them early enough to get a quick photo before they ran into the cover of the forest.

  Robin(my friend/guide) then showed us an area of metal sheets.Lifting them carefully up he revealed to us my first ever sighting of a Slow Worm:)

  We continued to walk the trails and look everywhere for the Boar.
Robin and myself scanning the forest for Boar.
  Footprints in the mud and wallowing pools showed they were in the area.

  I am sorry to disappoint but I have no photo of the Boar to share but yes we did see them, albeit briefly as a Sow grunted and then jumped through the bracken disappearing quickly followed by the shaking ferns of what looked to be 3 youngsters.
  It was a noise you felt through your whole body and one I will not forget despite my continued hearing loss.It is definitely the most excited I have been while searching for any species of wildlife.

  A massive Thank you to Robin Ward who gave his time to show us around and inspire us through his passion and knowledge of these amazing animals.I will most certainly be back in hope of spending time with these stunning mammals.

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