Thursday, 18 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 18 - Woodlands & Gardens


  Day 18 consisted of a walk in some Welsh woodland and keeping an eye on our garden visitors.Our gracious host John suggested an area of Oakwoods not far from the caravn so I went for a look round.
  The first thing I noticed was the amount of juvenile Robins in the woods.I counted at least seven of them.They didn't seem to fear us at all.

  A pair of Nuthatches played chase around the trees, a juvenile Pied Flycatcher called from a branch and a Treecreeper searched the bark for insects, which he found.

  The main highlight of the walk was seeing a Wood Warbler collecting food and calling to its siblings.

  Back at the caravan I sat down and watched the happenings on the feeders for a while.The sunflower heart feeder was empty so this Grey Squirrel tried everything from climbing about the other cage feeders and shaking them to hanging off other things to reach fat in a coconut.

  Blue Tit parents were busy feeding their 3 youngsters, all hungry for food.

  A juvenile Dunnock called and vibrated its wings for food that never came.

  It was a constant hive of activity as birds came and went for the feast on offer.

  This is a sight that should be in everybodys garden.Just invest in a few feeders and some bird food and reap the rewards of having all this nature on your doorstep.

  Unfortunately tomorrow is my last day in Pembrokeshire but I hope to be jumping on a boat and bringing you some Puffins tomorrow to end a fantastic week in South Wales.

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