Saturday, 27 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 27 - A Walk Down the Lane:Part 2

  Another work day so a late evening walk down our village lane again in hope of some peace and quiet and maybe a bit of wildlife.
  Its been a couple of weeks since I was down here and the fields are now waist high in crops so not too good for spotting Hares but I eventually found a couple in a field further down the lane.

   This Yellowhammer was merrily singing the evening away.

  The same person who lives down the lane had more persecuted Corvids hanging from his fences and one in his front garden.Not far from this one was a large wall mirror laid on the lawn? Maybe his way of keeping their attention while he fetches his gun? Distressing image below:(

  After giving up on the Barn Owls once again, my partner picked me up and we drove a little out of the village in hope of a better chance.Still no luck so ended up taking a few photos of this Poppy field as dusk approached.

  She keeps taking pics of me when I am watching wildlife so got one back tonight.Here is my partner, Majella Fox searching for the elusive Barn Owl.

  So instead of watching repeats on TV for 2 hours it was nice to spend the time out on a nice warm evening even if the Barn Owl didn't grace us with its presence.


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