Wednesday, 10 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 10 - No one went to Mow (Thankfully)

#30daysWild Day 10...Wow, already a third of the way through.

  On the main dual carriageway into town (Scunthorpe) , 5 minutes from our village is an area of waste ground.It lies opposite the Steelworks and next to a Retail Park(that's Morrison behind me).Left unattended it has now blossomed into a stunning meadow.I think this version of the song is better - "No one went to mow, went to mow a meadow (thankfully) " ;)
Photo by Majella Fox.

The Steelworks next to the meadow.

  The nearby lake does get overrun with fishermen and jet skiers during the weekends which is not the best thing for the Coots and Great Crested Grebes on the water with young.
Great Crested Grebe

  Today though it was peaceful (well if you ignored the vehicles speeding past at 50mph on the dual carriageway a few feet away).Blue Tit fledglings bounced around the bushes waiting for Mum and Dad to return with food and Willow Warblers sang from the tree tops on the edge of the meadow.

  The meadow was a mixture of colour with Poppies, White Campion, Wild Pansies, Thistles, Ragwort and others.

  A Small Copper Butterfly warmed itself in the sun and Bees were everywhere, enjoying this flowery paradise among our tarmaced world.

  All I can suggest is go and find your nearest meadow and stand there and absorb the beauty around you, whatever kind of day you are having it will make it immensely better.:)
  You can even recreate this habitat on a smaller scale in your own garden with Wildflower seed you can buy in a lot of places and help our Pollinators to thrive.

Just a heads up, the next third of my #30daysWild challenge will be from Wales and the stunning Pembrokeshire coast so please keep checking in:)

Many thanks to everyone who is taking the time to read through my blogs so far.

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