Monday, 15 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 15 - Choughed To Bits

  Wow, cannot believe we are already half way through the #30DaysWild Challenge.It's been great fun so far and I have got to see wildlife I wouldn't have if I had stayed indoors after work like most days.
  After last nights excitement of having my moth trapping disrupted by a Badger I have just put out some food and set up my trail cam so hoping to get some footage during the night.
  Today I wanted to try to find my favourite corvid, the Chough.An hours drive north and I was on the Pembrokeshire coast at Strumble Head.

  There were plenty of Butterflies on the cliffs among the Sea Thrift with Common Blues, Painted Ladies and this Wall Brown all on the wing.
Photo by Majella Fox

  I sat on the cliff top looking out to sea and enjoying the sunshine for around 45 minutes before the black shape of a Corvid came from below the cliff.At first I thought it was just another Jackdaw(still great birds but not want I wanted to see today) but then its red bill showed its colour in the sun.I watched and admired this stunning bird as it flew past me, circled round and then landed just 10 feet from where I was sat and proceeded to forage.

    What an amazing bird and how fantastic to see it up so close.I could've fallen off the cliff and died happy;) Other people were there having their packed lunches and watching Gulls through their binoculars, totally ignoring the pair of Choughs.I just wanted to grab them and say "Look at this bird!!"
  Proof that if you get out , you can find unbelievable wildlife around the UK.

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