Monday, 29 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 28 - Mothing In The Garden

  I hope you wasn't thinking I failed the #30day challenge as I missed yesterday.I did do something wild, but didn't post last night as was following the Wildlife Trusts "Green time not screen time" unplugged day.
  So Day 28 is here and Day 29 will follow later this evening, just leaving the final day tomorrow.

 Instead of "screen time" I spent yesterday evening in the garden til around Midnight with some Moths.
 Here are a few that arrived early around the Moth Trap.

Marbled Beauty.


Riband Wave.

Light Brown Apple Moth.



  Remember all these moths are probably flying around your garden in the evenings now.All you need is a bright light and a white sheet and spend a warm evening out in the garden finding some of our wonderful Moths.

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