Sunday, 7 June 2015

30 days Wild: Day 7 - Having A "Swift" Pint

Already an the end of the first week of #30dayswild

   After a warm day working in the sun I thought it would be a good idea to go somewhere where I could indulge in two of my favourite pastimes, Bird Watching & Beer ;)
   Who thought you could make having a pint a "wild" thing to do for a day.It's not exactly my local as I live next door to a pub and practically opposite a second one but it is just 15 minutes away.
   The Hope & Anchor sits on the banks of the River Humber but only reopened this year after the storm surge badly flooded it and most of the village of South Ferriby.It is a place where you can relax in the beer garden and watch some birds.
  View from the beer garden.

  Today I timed it about right as the tide was out meaning there were plenty of exposed mudflats.Canada Geese & Mallards were out parading their new offspring though not all of them looked to be impressed with the thick mud they were been forced to wade through.
Canada Geese with Goslings

Mallards attempting to scale the muddy banks of the Humber.

  A Swift darted over the bank of reeds collecting insects and then flew over me and disappeared into the roof of the Pub.A few seconds later it reappeared and after another few minutes hunting arrived back at the nest entrance.I tried to get a photo as he entered but was too late.It didn't depart again during the next 15 minutes before I left but it was fantastic to have a Swift & pint :)
The corner of the Pub roof where the Swifts are nesting.

   21 species of bird were seen while enjoying my pint today including Shelducks, Avocets, Curlews, Chiffchaff, Oystercatchers, Lapwings & Greylags.On previous visits(not that I go here a lot honest) I have also seen Kingfishers, Greenshanks, Marsh Harriers, Reed Warblers, Wigeon & Little Egrets.
   The only other Pub I know where sitting in their beer garden can produce a lot of bird sightings is the Crown & Anchor in Kilnsea near Spurn Point, especially at migration time.

   Does anyone out there know of a great Pub where you can bird watch while having a beer? If so leave a comment about your Pub with what species you have seen there.Maybe we can create a Birding Pub Tour:)

Thanks again for reading todays blog.

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