Wednesday, 24 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 24 - Arachnid Hunt

   Day 24 and a search for Arachnids in the garden.The first place to check was the wall of our house.It wasn't long before I came across a couple of Zebra Spiders(Salticus Scenicus).

  I found this beetle on our garden fence.No, unfortunately it wasn't enjoying an abseiling session down our fence but had become prey to the Orb Weaving Spider(Nuctenea Umbratica)

Orb Weaving Spider

  I am not sure on the species of this Spider but she was attempting to lay her egg sac in a hole in a rotting piece of wood on our garden.

  A few Garden Spiders(Araneus Diadematus) had taken over some of the bushes around the lawn.

  Recently hatched Spiderlings were all over the place, some with already impressive webs despite being only 2mm in size.

  When you get a chance go into your garden and check your walls, fences , bushes and sheds to see what Arachnids you can find.

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