Friday, 12 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 12 - A Dip(per) In The River

  Today was a chill out day, no driving just a walk.First though I had to see what the moth trap brought in during its run out at Gigrin Farm.
  There were 3 Hawkmoths, Elephant, Small Elephant and Poplar.
Poplar hawkmoth
 Small Elephant Hawkmoth
 Elephant Hawkmoth

  Other moths on the wing included Marbled Carpets, Brimstones, White Ermine, Small Phoenix and lots of Heart & Darts.
  A Grey Squirrel joined us on our picnic table for breakfast.

  Redstarts were flying in and out of the sheep field collecting food for their fledglings that were perched on the fence next to the cover of the hedgerows.

  I took the Riverside walk along the River Wye into Rhayader, watching the opposite bank for signs of movement.

  The unmistakeable flash of bobbing white caught my eye as a Dipper moved along the riverbank.

  Back at the farm Red Kites were beginning to increase in numbers as the feeding time approached.This Leucistic Kite arrived with the others.Only around 1% of the Welsh Red Kite population are affected with Leucism so an amazing sight to see.

  Red Kite flying past a Common Buzzard.

  There were also Peacock Flight Control Attendants who seem to be ignored by the Kites and so got shouted at ;)

  Hopefully some of this wildlife will make you think.....Wow, I want to see that! and urge you to get outdoors and appreciate the fantastic wildlife of the UK.

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