Friday, 26 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 26 - A Walk Along the Humber.

  I had round 21 of 30 of my treatments before work this morning so felt tired and needing to rest but when my day of work ended in Barton-Upon-Humber mid-afternoon, instead of going straight home I stopped for an hour at the reserve between the town and my village, Far Ings Nature Reserve on the bank of the River Humber.
  Me watching a Reed Bunting with the Humber Bridge behind us.(Photo by Majella Fox).

  On the lagoon there were 200+ Greylag and Canada Geese.

  Oxeye Daisies brightened the grass verges.

  On a small area near to the lagoon I counted 9 of these gorgeously delicate Bee Orchids.

  Mullein Moth caterpillars fed in numbers along the verges, warning off potential predators with their colourful markings.

    I also found my first Ringlet Butterfly of 2015, seems to be a bit later in the year to see the first one than usual.

  As I continued to walk along the river bank I was serenaded by this Male Blackbird while watching two Swallows fly back and forth along a ditch.

  In a sheltered corner of the lagoon surrounded by reeds this Mute Swan enjoyed a bit and peace with her 3 Cygnets.

  Walking back to the car and this Sedge Warbler surprised us by flying up out the reeds.

  I actually arrived at the reserve feeling depressed and tired and not expecting to see too much but just an hour later after spending time with Nature I felt a whole lot better.This is the effect our wildlife can have on us and it's cheaper, more relaxing and much more fun than taking any pills or treatments which don't work as well.
  Go out and enjoy our wildlife to aid your health and well-being:)

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