Sunday, 14 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 14 - Stonechat's Cry For Help

  Set off today with no idea where I was going so just headed west and eventually found a beach, Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire so decided to get out and see what I could find in the sand dunes.
  Freshwater West beach

  There were lots of Snails and a few of these beetles though not sure on the Id.

   Also spotted this Wolf Spider with her egg sac.

  Butterflies including Large Whites, Common Blues and Small Heaths fluttered between the dunes.
 Common Blue Butterfly(photo by Majella Fox)

  Small Heath Butterfly(photo by Majella Fox)

  Swallows darted over the sand and Meadow Pipits flew from Gorse to Gorse.A trio of Linnets alighted from a bush just as I got my camera on them.

  Best of all was a family of Stonechats.The Male was flitting about looking for food while the fledglings hopped around the bushes calling.

  After the exploration of the sand dunes I spent a while walking along the beach before turning and heading back.I had a carrier bag with me so on the walk back up the beach to the car park I just spent 10 minutes picking up plastic from the beach.The beach overall looked clean but numerous plastic objects were along the tide line, especially bottle tops.
  From just 10 minutes collecting as I walked back to my car:(

  One bag full may not seem a lot in the grander scheme of things but just think if everyone who went to the beach took an empty carrier bag and after enjoying their time on the beach just picked up what plastic they found on the way back to their car just imagine the amount of plastic that would be removed from our seas and recycled properly.
  Tell the kids its like a treasure hunt and if they find 50 pieces they get an ice-cream ;)
  Listen to our wildlife:)


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