Thursday, 11 June 2015

30 Days Wild:Day 11 - High As A Kite

Day 11 of my #30dayswild challenge and Day 1 of my Wales tour for the challenge.

  After a 5 hour journey through motorway roadworks and slow moving rural traffic I finally made it to Mid-Wales and my first day of my Wales tour.Hopefully over the next 9 days I will be able to share with you a few things you can do to bring Nature into your holiday if you ever make it to this amazing part of the UK.
  To begin my Welsh tour my first stop was at Nant Y Arian, about 10 miles east of Aberystwyth.I was hoping to get some photos of Red Kites.This stunning raptor now has a good population thanks to it being one of our most successful conservation stories in the UK.
  The Kites were already gliding around the hill tops and as soon as food was placed out at the lakeside the sky was filled with 60+ diving Birds Of Prey less than 50ft away from us.

  This really is a must see experience whether it be here at Nant Y Arian or at the more famous Gigrin Farm half hour away.
   The excitement and adrenalin you get from watching these amazing birds so close really does make you feel "As High As A Kite" ;)

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